PT. Novelvar was establised in 2001 to do Research & Development, Teach, Design and manufacture ecological farming technology and product.

Why we choose to be in this mission, because we are aware that prolonged non-ecological farming practice destruct the world as our habitat. The massive use of dangerous materials in agriculture will pollute not just the environment but also the livestock and human health, especially the user farmers. As the result, the economical benefits from non-ecological farming technology cannot compensate the damage caused by it. For that reason, in developing our technology, we measure the feasibility of our technology from three bottom line, People, Planet & Profits.
Our tehcnology shall benefit Socially, Environmentally and Economically. None of the three bottom line shall be scrificed for the sake of the other.
We know our mission is not a popular one, however the multi dimensional benefits generated from our technology has proven to give new hope for integral human development
To materialize our vision at the farmers level, we simplify our technology into high impact economical farming product, which can easily applied by the farmers and provide better yield.